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Beoplay H8 Wireless Headphones Minimalistic Appearance

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Beoplay H8 Wireless Headphone Review

B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: An Honest Review

An online search for the top 10 Bluetooth headphones will likely include mention of the B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 headphones from Bang & Olufsen. Given the positive attention the H8 is receiving from users, we’re putting them to the test in this genuine review.

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Benefits of B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 Headphones

Bang & Olufsen’s B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 headphones in black works wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.2 and features 40mm drivers. The on-ear headphones have a minimalistic appearance and feature:

  • Noise Cancelling Technology (ANC)
  • Touch Control
  • Great Fit w/ Premium Materials

The Bang & Olufsen headphones come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 3.5mm audio cable, micro USB cable, flight adapter, and carrying case.

Spotlight on B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The H8 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone for listening to music as well as talking on the phone. They feature ANC, which stands for Active Noise Cancellation. The pair holds their charge for 14 hours with Bluetooth and ANC.

The look is similar to the H6 from Bang & Olufsen, which makes sense as they were both designed by Jakob Wagner. While the H8 comes in a range of colors, this review focuses on the all-black version.

And don’t forget about the aluminum ear cups, which are more than just earpieces. They house a range of controls that activate via gestures, as we will explain in this review. The replaceable 800mA lithium battery is housed in the left ear cup.

These headphones are made of premium materials and are designed to provide a great fit. They come with a two-year warranty when bought through an authorized dealer.

Who Will Appreciate the H8 Headphones?

For people wanting high-end headphones, the H8 will likely meet their needs. It is made of lambskin leather and anodized aluminum, rather than cheap plastics and low-quality fabrics. The overall look is sophisticated.

The B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 headphones will also satisfy a user who wants Active Noise Cancellation. Simply turn on the ANC option when to effectively eliminate outside noises. Plus, the Bluetooth headphones function as a headset too, so they will appeal to someone who makes and receives a lot of calls. The ability to talk hands-free is great when you’re on the go.

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Advantages of Choosing B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 Headphones

Users can look forward to high comfort with the ergonomic H8 top 10 Bluetooth headphones. The ear pads are made of soft lambskin leather and inside of them is memory foam that adapts to the user. These Bang & Olufsen headphones are lightweight for their class at only 255 grams.

Enjoy quality audio with Bang & Olufsen’s “signature sound.” The headphones use Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX codec for clear sound, whether you are playing songs or talking on the phone. We like that the B&O PLAY H8 headphones have a reliable Bluetooth connection, which we also noted in our Plantronics BackBeat PRO+ review. We didn’t notice any dropouts with the H8, so there wasn’t the hassle of having to reconnect in the middle of songs or phone calls.

The H8 delivers a good amount of bass, although there is no Bass Boost like with the Sony MDR-XB950BT. As for the treble, it is not the most detailed of the top 10 Bluetooth headphones but is noticeable and works well on dance tracks and R&B music in particular. All in all, you can expect a lively sound.

We also like that the pair works with both Android and Apple devices, unlike the Bose QuietComfort 25 that works with just one or the other. The flexibility is great to have if you change operating systems and don’t want to buy a whole new pair of headphones. You can also switch between wired and wireless listening with the H8, with clear audio attainable from both options.

Are There any Disadvantages?

There are limitations to just about everything on the market, even wireless headphones. The B&O PLAY H8 Wireless is on the pricier side of the top 10 Bluetooth headphones we have reviewed. It is significantly more money than the Photive BTH3 and is more in line with Bose’s SoundLink II Around-Ear Wireless Headphones.

They are also not for veganists as they include lambskin leather. Also, although they do fold flat, they cannot collapse, so they still take up a fair amount of space in your bag when you’re on the go. Lastly, the 14-hour battery life is lower than the 20-hours you’d get with the Sennheiser RS120.

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Here’s What’s Different about These Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones

We like the unique control system in the aluminum-clad ear cups. This intuitive touch control system provides you complete control over the B&O PLAY H8 headphones. It is essentially a remote control. Rather than pressing play and skip track buttons like with the design of most top 10 Bluetooth headphones, instead simply tap them with your fingertip to activate the specific function.

You can even turn Active Noise Cancellation on or off with the touch interface. The innovative touch system enables you to do everything from turning your music on and off to taking a call. It is convenient, fast, and works well once you master which gestures trigger which function.

Conclusions about the Headphones from Bang & Olufsen

B&O PLAY H8 wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 combine an elegant style with superior comfort. They use top-quality materials and deliver on both clear sound and Active Noise Cancelling, which we feel justifies its higher price tag than some other top 10 Bluetooth headphones.

The premium leather on-ear headphones double as a headset and work wired in addition to wirelessly. The cutting-edge touch interface through the aluminum ear cups puts you in total control of your audio, whether you are answering a phone call or listening to a song, and is a major plus for this pair of headphones.

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Jan. 1 2019

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B&O Beoplay H8 Ranking

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